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Los Solano

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Los Solano, Spain

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I had a whole day to make use of before my flight home and with no more organised walks decided to strike out on my own. The plan was to walk for an hour or so, two at the most and I could see the route I wanted to walk from the hotel. However, with my notoriously bad sense of direction anything was possible...

I got down to the "dry" river bed. Although much of the water from the rains earlier in the week had receded, it was no longer dry so I decided not to risk walking along it (knowing my luck I'd have hit some deep water somewhere and I'm no swimmer). This meant a slightly longer route back. Thankfully I had a phone with me so checked back with Kathy and Linda at the hotel to make sure I was still heading the right way.

I continued upwards checking back every so often as very soon I was completely lost. There were very few people about, I was in the middle of nowhere, heading continually upwards in the heat of the sun. Eventually I came across some guys picking olives and with some very halting Spanish on my part got set on the right track, ending up in the village of Los Solano across the valley from the hotel.

A half hour or so later, I came across some English folk and got further instructions and a top up of my water bottle (eternally grateful to you whoever you are). I've never been so pleased to see a road sign!

An hour or so later I was back at base in Mazmullar relieved to be on familiar ground. Despite getting lost I really enjoyed the 4 hour walk which took me through beautiful countryside and gave me the opportunity to see the views from a different perspective.

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