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Now you're here, you'll be able to find out a bit about me and the inner workings of my mind - what I'm into, my travels, walks in and around London, (- loadsa pics and info), music I like, books I've enjoyed, as well as gaudy graphics, the odd jaggy JPEG, a bit of silliness and much more...

So who am I? - Depends what you understand by the question really. After much soul searching I'm able to report that:

  • My name is Aba (which is a Ghanaian [Fante] name given to a girl born on a Thursday).

  • I was born in Ghana, West Africa but ...

  • I've lived most my life in England.

To find out more about my exciting (?!) life why not dig a little deeper and indulge your curiosity?

If, like me you enjoy people (and a bit of rooting around their lives), the odd spot of travel and other leisure activities, then there's something here for you. Feel free to wander at will!

The site's updated regularly (-ish) so if you're revisiting, head straight for the "what's new" section to find out what's been added since you were last here. For a quick look at what's been happening in my life recently, random musings, and lots more photos, take a look at my blog, and please feel free to leave comments on photos or blog posts.



baby photo

This is me a long time ago - point your mouse to see what I grew into!

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