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Cheese Stall, Central Market, Valencia, Spain
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Valencia's central market -- one of Europe's largest covered markets, was celebrating its 75th anniversary year when we visited. You can find all manner of fresh fruit, veg, meat (and as you can see a wide selection of cheeses!) etc. there.

A market has been in the same spot since the 13th Century but the current building started going up in 1914 and was finished in around 1928.

Even if you're not buying anything it's a great place to wander around -- it's a really beautiful, ornate building with stunning glass domes in the roof. As well as looking around inside, it's worth taking a look around the outside to get the full effect.

And when the sight and smell of all that food leaves you feeling ravenous, there's plenty of nice places to eat in the pretty square opposite the main entrance to the market.

We had an interesting experience in one place where both the "chef" and the waitress appeared to be completely off their faces. This lead to a highly entertaining shennanigans when it came to sorting out the bill. It all turned out alright in the end though and the food was nice.

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