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Beach and lighthouse, Faro Cullera, Valencia, Spain
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For the first couple of days none of us ventured much further than the stretch of beach immediately outside the house where we were staying (about 15 minutes walk to the left of the picture). Once rejuvenated after hours spent reading and relaxing, we ventured a bit further afield.

Just out of picture shot was a really nice little beach bar. I can recommend the sardines which were fresh, tasty and plentiful and did for a main meal even though they were only meant to be a starter. The beer and service were pretty good too.

The lighthouse was really sweet and just beyond is the main bit of the small town of Faro Cullera. There's a very nice bar just as you hit the town from the lighthouse end. It does good tapas, and paella. We did lunch and breakfast there a couple of times. The proprietors were patient enough to try and interpret our dodgy Spanish and were generally pretty friendly.

It was pretty strange seeing locals drinking beer and spirits first thing in the morning though! Still, most of them seemed to be fishermen and had probably done a day's work by then so had earned themselves a drink!

The area round here seems to be cranking itself up for more tourism so there were a few ugly buildings going up near this spot -- it's still really nice despite this though. The whole coastline both ways for miles and miles is just lovely. The sea round about here could get a little bit rough at times, but in the town there are two or three beautiful sheltered bays where the water is still and calm.

A windsurfing club in the town does lessons at weekends. I preferred to be a spectator on this occasion, but wouldn't mind having a go some time in my life.

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