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Sunrise - Faro Cullera

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Sunrise, Faro Cullera, Valencia, Spain
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Anyone who knows me well knows that I'm definitely not a morning person. Despite a hard night's playing in Valencia city the previous night I was determined to get up and do the half hour walk to Faro Cullera in time for dawn.

When the alarm went off at 6 am I wasn't feeling quite so determined but managed to force myself to get up, get my shit together and leave. The walk was so amazingly peaceful I soon forgot how tired I was. The a beautiful "prize" of seeing the sun come up made it all worth while. The light was beautiful and the transition between the moon disappearing and the sun rising was completely awesome.

Others were up early too, mainly local fishermen who get to see this every day and looked at me like I was a bit weird as I stood there snapping away.

After this most excellent experience I resolved to make more of an effort with the getting up early thing. Not sure how long it will last though - perhaps I'll just stick to doing it on holiday...

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