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Lake Albufera

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Lake Albufera, Valencia, Spain
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After a few days of doing bugger all we decided to get active and rented some bikes. The bikes were crap as it turned out -- quite possibly the most uncomfortable bikes in the whole world, rented to us by the rather surly proprietor of the scooter shop in Cullera.

From where we were staying it was about a 40km round trip to this spot and we were well saddle sore by the end of the day. Anyway, enough about sore bottoms...

The route was fairly flat and we stopped and had lunch about half way on a lovely beach in the town of el Perelló. The only down side (apart from the bikes) was that we were cycling along the main road with fast traffic in places which got a bit hair raising at times.

Lago Albufera (Lake Albufera) forms part of Parc Natural de l'Albufera (Albufera nature reserve), about 10km south of the city of Valencia. The nature reserve includes a vast area of wetland with many water birds that stop off on their summer holidays to Africa to escape the cold winters. Surrounding the lake and alongside the main road there's woodland made up of umbrella pines making the whole area smell really lovely.

There's a visitor's centre near the junction with the main road (cv-500) and the road that goes into el Palmar. The staff were extremely helpful and friendly. You can do a few little walks from around the centre and there's also an observation tower which gives great views of the surrounding area. We spotted a local man with boat taking some visitors on a boat ride around the lake which looked jolly pleasant.

You can't take bikes on the tracks around the visitor's centre but there is apparently a cycle route that takes in the nearby town of El Palmar. Unfortunately as we didn't have lights on our bikes and needed to get back before it got dark so didn't get to explore as much as we'd have liked.

All in all the pain of the journey was well worth it for the view. A fantastic day which started with watching a beautiful sunrise over the sea and ended with an equally spectacular sunset with fantastic scenery in between.

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