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Mahaweli Ganga,  Kandy
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After our pleasant 2 day interlude in tea plantation country, Kandy, Sri Lanka's second biggest town after Colombo was a bit in yer face at first. Once we got used to it though it was nice mooching around, topping up our supplies of Arrack (the local alcoholic beverage), visiting the Temple of the Tooth and shopping in the 2 story market.

After exploring the town for a bit it was time to settle down with the other tourists and watch the Kandyan dancing. The drumming was mesmerising, the dancing spectacular, athletic and entertaining. The fire walkers were pretty impressive too (unfortunately my photography skills aren't quite up to the same standard!):

Fire walker, Kandy

By the end of the day, tired but happy it was a relief to get to our resting place for the night - the very beautiful Citadel Hotel just outside Kandy. The hotel is right on the banks of the Mahaweli Ganga a huge river with lush green vegetation either side. The whole place had a really nice peaceful vibe about it so it was a shame to only be spending one night there.

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