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Pinnewala Elephant Village

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The Elephant Orphanage was our last stop before returning to Kosgoda Beach after our 7 day tour inland.
The orphanage is near the town of Kegalla. There are loads of elephants here. The mornings (between 10 and noon) and afternoons (between 2 and 4) are a good time to visit coz that's when the elephants get to have their bath. You can get right up close to the elephants if you want to, but as the signs all about the place say, they are wild animals so it's wise to exercise a little bit of caution. There are lots of keepers about to keep the big beasties under control so you're pretty safe.

Definitely worth a visit as it may well be the only chance you get to see one of Sri Lanka's dwindling wild elephant population.

Outside the orphanage in the village there's lots of opportunities to buy elephant - related arts, crafts and knick knacks at prices to suit every pocket!

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