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Kosgoda Beach Sri Lanka
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What can I say, Kosgoda Beach is truly gorgeous. The sea just outside the Kosgoda Beach Hotel (where we stayed) is a bit too rough to swim in, but walk about 100 yards to the left or right and it's a bit calmer. Beautiful, warm water and a cooling breeze coming off the sea. The beach touts can be a bit of a pain as many don't take no for an answer but hey, everyone's got to make a living somehow.
The hotel's a nice place to spend a few days - good pool, decent nosh, nice staff, clean rooms etc. There's also a rather beautiful lagoon right by the hotel.
At night sea turtles can often be seen coming onto the beach to lay their eggs. I was too chickenshit (sensible?!) to go walking down the beach on my own in the dark to sneak a view of the sea turtles in action (you never know what dodgy characters are lurking). However a visit to the nearby turtle sanctuary almost made up for it.

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