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Torres del Mar

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Torres del Mar, Spain

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Time for a rest from walking so decided to hit the beach for the afternoon. We got a lift into Torres del Mar, a seaside town about 30 mins drive from Alcaucin. A very nice place to while away an afternoon. There's a nice wide beach and promenade and the town itself is pretty and chocca with nice little cafés and eateries.

Among its other gems is a good little bookshop for getting hold of walks in the area, which was quite handy, as we were planning a walk up the mountain La Maroma and found just what we needed.

Didn't actually manage a dip in the sea as it was it was still a wee bit too cold and no other bugger was in there. Figured if it's too cold for the locals to get in then it's certainly to cold for me ... It was a lovely warm day for strolling and people watching though.

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