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Espino and Zaffaraya Pass, Spain

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Yet again we were thwarted in our attempt to tackle the mountain La Maroma due to heavy mist. So we decided to do a low(ish) level circular walk from Alcaucin to Espino (a small village on the hill opposite the hotel) and back.

The walk was around 20k and took the best part of 7 hours. A significant part of which was spent trying to find the right track round the hill. We were so near and yet so far on so many occasions but it took at least 3 attempts going up and down steep inclines to find said track.

We were very glad to have persisted as it was an amazing walk, taking in the villages of Las Majadas (where there are some sulphur springs) and Las Monjas. Once again we were treated to stunning views of olive groves, surrounding hills with their white villages and of course that Zafarraya Pass.

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