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Conil Beach
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Conil was the nearest town to El Palmar where we were staying and approximately 5km away. Conil is a very pretty town with whitewashed buildings and narrow streets. It's "popular with windsurfers" which is travel agent speak for windy. I've heard can whip up serious sandstorms. Fortunately during our visits all was calm, hot and sunny. When the tide was out you could reach Conil by walking along El Palmar's beach and wading through the river which separated the two places.

The beach at Conil is wide and sandy, it's worth walking along a bit to find more secluded spots though. The sea is calm and shallow and you can wade a long way out before the water reaches your waist.

We visited Conil numbers of times for supplies and to wander round the shops and market. The fish market was great for providing tasty, fresh sardines, sea bream, and red mullet for our evening barbecue.

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