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Chinatown, Singapore
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Singapore's China Town is quite small compared to China Town's I've visited in other cities. But being compact, it's easy and quick to get around.

Many eating opportunities line China Town's streets including big covered food halls popular with the locals. The food stalls sell many and various chinese dishes which can be sampled pretty cheaply. Market stalls sell all manner of stuff. Street performances included fine displays of body boggling acrobatics.

While in the area I stumbled upon a massage parlour and was talked into having what turned out to be a functional rather than truly relaxing massage. Still it did a good job of ironing out the knots in my shoulders.

On the edge of China Town is the Tanjong Pagar Road. Tras Street is a small street that runs parallel, and I visited a couple of nice bars here. The boys in Legends Bar looked after me well until Alternative Bar, the women only bar next door opened. I spent a nice couple of hours in Alternative drinking, chatting, and getting trashed at pool.

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