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Discovery Park, Seattle

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A half hour or so bus ride away from Seattle's bustling downtown is the wonderful discovery park. Old military base transformed into beautiful great outdoors. Buses to / from the park leave about hourly so worth bearing this in mind when planning your visit.

Unfortunately I wasn't organised enough to sort out a picnic beforehand -- definitely worth doing, as there is not really anywhere in the park to get food and drink. All was not lost however as there were a few eateries about a mile back from the entrance to the park on W Government Way. One place off a side street nearest to the park did a wicked line in smoothies.

In the park there are well marked trails through woodland, open space and over cliff tops providing stunning views of the ocean, beach and distant mountains. Spent several hours here just taking it all in, soaking up the fresh air and clearing out the cobwebs as the jet lag kicked in.

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