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River Garry at Killicrankie, Pertshire, Scotland

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Even before we arrived in Scotland we knew we just had to visit a place with the name Killiekrankie coz we liked the way it sounds. This place has got a bit of history under it's belt - a couple of days after we were there, the re-enactment of the Battle of Killiekrankie was going off. I'm not much of a history buff but apparently in the 1600's the Redcoats were doing a runner from the Jacobites -- A Redcoat geezer jumped 18½ feet across a the River Garry -- a feat so worthy that the spot where it supposedly happened was named Soldiers Leap.

Now things are a lot more peaceful and you can get a rather pleasant walk, whilst imbuing the historical vibes and taking in the beautiful scenery. There's a suspension bridge near the point where the River Garry meets another, the Linn of Tummel which is a very lovely spot.

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