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Ocean Beach, San Francisco

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Ocean Beach, is another one of those San Franciscan locations that is often shrouded in fog (so much so that you literally can't see the ocean at times). The temperature can be significantly lower than other parts of the city (so take an extra layer even if it's really sunny and warm wherever else in the city you set off from!). Not to worry though, coz if you hang around long enough the sun seems to emerge eventually to burn off the fog and warm things up a little.

Swimming and surfing are not pursuits to be taken on lightly. Apart from being pretty damn cold, the Pacific Ocean here can be treacherous and drownings are not uncommon. Nonetheless, it is a wonderfully long stretch of sandy beach. The sand dunes stretching along behind the beach are also beautiful and the sunsets pretty stunning. Seals and birds congregate on the aptly named Seal Rocks. Nearby, Golden Gate Park also has lots to offer.

So, if you fancy a nice chilled out afternoon of strolling, sitting, people and nature watching, this is as good a place as any.

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