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Mural Women's Building San Francisco Mission District

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San Francisco's Mission district is a buzzing, vibrant kinda place and one of the oldest districts in San Francisco. It is is home to Mission Delores Park which has great fab views from the top, and is one of several really nice recreational spaces in the city. The Mission is also a great place to soak up a bit of San Francisco's Latin American culture.

The area borders on the Castro, San Francisco's gay capital. Where the Castro tends to be mainly gay men, the Mission is where the women hang out. The Women's Building at 18th St and Valencia, has a fantastic mural painted on it which tells the history of women in the "new world". It is a centre for feminist activity and a good place to get in touch with what's going on for women in the city - see www.womensbuilding.org/ for more info (link opens in new browser window).

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