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Downtown  San Franciso from Potrero Hill

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OK so this is actually downtown San Francisco. However it's the view you get of the city from Potrero Hill, our home for the week. Not really much for tourists to make a special trip out to but suited us very nicely thanks. Bright and sunny most of the time even when you could see fog lurking over the rest of the city. The odd nice café, deli, and a variety of other eating places. Then of course there are the stunning views of downtown San Francisco in one direction and the bay in another.

One of my favourite places for breakfast was the Thinkers Café on 20th Street near the junction with Conneticut St. Another place we tried for breakfast was "Just for You" at around 18th and 3rd Streets. We had to queue to get in but it was well worth the wait. I can definitely recommend the Louisiana Sausage. If you like eggs they do 'em every which way you can imagine.

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