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Golden Gate Bridge

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Golden Gate Bridge

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The women who rented us our bikes seemed a little perturbed that we were getting the ferry over to Sausalito and cycling back - most people just didn't do things that way round. On our way up to the bridge from Sausalito we realised why ... it was steeply uphill all the way.

Before the fog descended, from various vantage points on the Sausalito side of the bridge we got fabulous views of the bay.

Cycling over the bridge was a bit hair-raising in places - what with the wind, poor visibility, traffic whizzing by in the opposite direction, and pedestrians to watch out for, but all good fun really.

Once on the San Francisco side we cycled along the edge of Presidio National Park which was really beautiful and definitely warranted a lot more time. Eventually we got back to Fisherman's Wharf a little saddle sore, kinda knackered but feeling very pleased with ourselves.

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