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Campo de Fiore Market

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Campo de Fiore Market, Rome
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The market at Campo de' Fiore is colourful and bright. It's only open in the morning though. As usual the first time we went we arrived too late and missed the market but did have a good stroll round the area. It's very close to the River Tiber and Tiber Island with its old hospital and church and the old Jewish ghetto.

Again this is a good area to peruse old buildings including churches and synagogues. Lots of nice cafés and all manner of shops.

The guys on this herb stall took great pride in their wares and were only too pleased to show magazine articles extolling their virtues. I was taken in and took home a whole lotta herbs, sun dried tomatoes, dried mushrooms for all those wonderful pasta sauces I was going to make on my return home. Great idea coming from someone who actively dislikes cooking! No doubt in a few years time when I clear out my kitchen cupboards and rediscover them, I'll have fond memories of the time spent in Campo de Fiore market.

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