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The Sacré Couer

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Sacre Couer, Paris
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Our trip to the Sacré Couer was on one of our busier days. Because it sits right on top of a hill, if you're walking you'll arrive well whacked out. Fortunately there's a lovely little garden you can sit in before deciding to take on the crowds in the cathedral.

I'm not over - fond of churches but this building is pretty wowser - from the outside anyway (never made it in - couldn't cope with the throngs). The views of Paris from up here are fantastic and there's a lot of other good stuff to see in the surrounding area of Montmartre. So, I didn't feel too guilty about going all that way and not going in. Apparently it's well worth going up to the dome for even more stunning view of the city though. For me, this delight will have to wait 'til my next trip.

I'd like to have you believe that the white van you can see in the picture is there to give an idea of scale - but I'd be lying! (- just another example of sloppy pic taking I'm afraid).

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