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The Pompidou Centre

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Pompidou Centre, Paris
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Despite being a not-that-well-known-really ex French President, Georges Pompidou must've done something right to have this spectacular looking building named after him. As a special treat, we got to eat dinner at the (somewhat pretentious) rooftop restaurant. The restaurant looked equally spectacular, and had views of Paris to match. The Eiffel Tower twinkled away in the distance to the west, and the imposing Sacré Couer sat looking well, spooky, on its hilltop towards the north of the city.

The food was about as pretentious as the service, and a tad overpriced - but hey they tell me you're paying for the whole "Georges" experience. Nevertheless, when one splashes out on a meal out of this calibre, one doesn't expect to have to nip to a well known burger bar soon afterwards to fill up! ( - No, I'm joking that didn't happen but it could have if I hadn't been restrained). The restaurant and the food were good but the service was a bit snotty at times. All of which meant that "Georges" just wasn't my kind of place really.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the centre was just round the corner from where we were staying, we didn't get to see any of the exhibitions that were on there. Too much other stuff to do so will have to save Monsieur Pompidou for another trip.

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