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Promenade Plantée

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Promenade Plantée, Paris
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Described as the "right bank refresher" in our guide book, this little jaunt certainly lived up to this name. After being woken rather abruptly and severely by a military flypast (which was part of the celebrations for Bastille day), we dragged ourselves out of bed and set off to clear the cobwebs on our first full day in Paris.

We found our way to Metro Bastille, walked down Avenue Daumesnil for a bit, and followed the signs to Promenade Plantée up some steps, and bingo, we were there.

The walk is along an ex railway track that's been planted up with all manner of roses, and various other beautiful flowers, shrubs and trees. It's so peaceful you could almost forget that you're in a city - except that you're looking into one or other of the appartment blocks that line the route. Some of the blocks are very architecturally interesting too. At various points along the way, you can look down on the city streets below (just to remind yourself where you are!).

Eventually the path opens out into more of a park - the Jardin Reuilly, which is also really beautiful with it's cool, curved, wooden bridge, waterfall, flowerbeds and tiered garden overhanging the street.

All in all, a great start to our short stay in Paris, and something I'd definitely recommend doing.

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