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African, Asian and Oceanic sculpture -The Louvre, Paris
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The Louvre is an impressive vast building housing an unimaginable amount of art "stuff" including the Mona Lisa. You have to be really selective about what you choose to look at in this museum otherwise you could go in and not be seen again for years.

Fortunately at the time of our visit there was an exhibition African, Asian and Oceanic Objets d'art which immediately captured my imagination. So, despite having taken loads of pics of the Louvre from the outside, you only get to see what interested me on the inside.

From left to right (in case you're interested) the images are: a Zulu sculpture in wood, Doudy Capitaine - a metal sculpture from Benin Circa 1894, a sculpture representing a spirit woman and forming part of a trio from the Pacific Island of Vanua Lava, and a 19th century metal sculpture from Australasia ( - sorry memory petered out and my notes now illegible!)

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