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Park André Citröen

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Park André Citröen, Paris
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Walking to Park André Citröen from the centre of Paris was not the best idea I've ever had but it was certainly worth the almost two hour walk in the heat. The plan was to walk there along the river at a leisurely pace and take in the views. Unfortunately there's either big roads or railway tracks to prevent you doing this - I'd recommend you use some form of wheeled transport!

The park is really lovely. One end sits right on the banks of the river, there's lots of open green space, various water features (some of which were unfortunately a bit scuzzy), wild over grown bits, more formal gardens, glasshouses - and yet somehow it manages to look really futuristic as well. Anyway spent a good few hours here, enjoying the sun and exploring the different bits before the long trek back ...

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Park André Citröen

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