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photo China Town
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The gentle stroll down to China Town began with breakfast at 2nd Avenue Deli (156 2nd Ave/10th St.). Nice food, friendly service. Then it was a short hop over to 1st Avenue and a slight detour for a gentle exploration of the sights, sounds and shops of East Village. Along the way, big old tenement buildings with fire escapes zig - zagging down the sides of the buildings - just like on all those New York cop TV programmes. Forward and onward to check out Lower Eastside and Delancy St. covered market. Across and down into China Town and Little Italy (which really was little).

China Town was busy and bustling. Heaving with electronics shops, restaurants and food shops selling all manner of Chinese goodies. On the vague border between China Town and Little Italy, the delights of Canal Street, with it's views of Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges, numerous shops and street stalls, selling everything from industrial plastic to dodgy looking designer watches. Here I was able to indulge in my quest to find the perfect leather wallet (I now have a number of totally crap cheap wallets as a result).

After soaking up the atmosphere round here for a while, we headed west and upwards to Greenwich Village for a much needed rest and yes, you guessed it - more food. And so we completed a very nearly circular walk taking in much of Manhattan's "downtown".

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