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Manhattan Waterfront

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Financial District, New York

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You don't have to hire a bike to get around the NYC Greenway as there are plenty of areas to just walk and take in the views of the financial district, New York's harbour, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island on the west side facing the Hudson River. On the East side you get views of the East River, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Willamsburg Bridges, and the other boroughs that make up the city of New York.

However, having a bike is a good way to get around the city reasonably quickly -- the Greenway runs right around the island of Manhattan. We only managed the stretch from Battery Park up to around mid town on this occasion, taking in Battery Park City Waterfront Promenade, Hudson River Park, and Chelsea Piers along the way.

We then cut across town and headed for Central Park for a bite to eat and a relaxing time by the lake.

All in all a very pleasant afternoon in the sunshine (practically the only sunny day of our trip so we were glad to have taken advantage of the weather).

On my next trip I'd hope to do the journey round the edge of the whole or most of Manhattan -- which would involve getting started reasonably early (not one of my strong points but I'm sure it will be well worth the effort).

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