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Manhattan from Brooklyn Heights Promenade

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We ended up on the wrong train as our intention was to get off on the Manhattan side and walk over the bridge into Brooklyn (don't get the N train to City Hall on the weekend if you want to walk over Brooklyn Bridge -- it doesn't stop there!). We managed to work out how to get back, but as we were a bit pushed for time by now we just stayed on the Brooklyn side of the water, got off the subway at Clark Street, and made our way to Brooklyn Heights Promenade.

From here you get to see Manhattan's famous skyline from yet another angle. The sun also decided to come out at this point in the late afternoon so we whiled away a couple of hours promenading on the promenade and taking in the panoramic views including Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty in one direction.

After hanging out on the promenade for a while, we went off to meet some friends and had a fun evening in Brooklyn -- hanging out, eating great food at City Lights restaurant, and drinking at a great bar called Moe's on 80 Lafayette Avenue, in Brooklyn's Fort Greene neighbourhood (great music, great vibe, and second only to Babbo restaurant in Greenwich Village for the best vodka gimlets in New York City in my humble opinion).

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