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Battery Park, New York

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It was a beautiful sunny day (afternoon by the time we got our acts together). We walked the shortish distance from where we were staying in Greenwich Village to Gotham Bikes on W. Broadway. Alas alack they had none -- apparently they sell all their hire bikes at the end of the season (whenever that is). The helpful staff directed us to another bike shop nearby -- Metro Bikes on Canal St. / 6th Avenue and we were soon on our way to Battery Park to pick up the NYC Greenway for a ride along the waterfront.

It's worth spending a little time mooching around Battery Park itself -- great views of the skyscrapers of New York's financial district. It's also a nice peaceful place to sit and have a rest.

You can pick up the Staten Island Ferry nearby and do trips out to the Statue of Liberty. There's lots of other stuff to do nearby like museums and other historically interesting things including a memorial to commemorate those who died in the September 11th 2001 attack on the Twin Towers.

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