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Victoria Peak

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Sky scrapers, Hong Kong
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Ok so this isn't actually Victoria Peak, it's Exchange Square, in the city, on Hong Kong Island, close to where you get the Victoria Peak Tram. The tram isn't the only way to get up or down the peak but the ride on this funicular railway has got to be done...

Once you get to the top, there are plenty of options for walking on the peak trail, and getting spectacular views of the city, surrounding mountains and the harbour.

The Peak Tower is a kind of tacky tourist attraction with (yet more) shops, eating, a Madame Tussaud's and other stuff I didn't really bother with. The Tower's only saving grace for me were the viewing points and the coffee shop with free Internet access.

The Peak Trail is fab though and I easily spent a good 2-3 hours meandering around. Had a pleasant journey on the bus down from the Peak, and then hopped on the ferry over to Kowloon.

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