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Night Market, Temple Street

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Night market, Temple Street, Hong Kong
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Temple Street Night Market is in the Yau Ma Tei area of Kowloon, Hong Kong. Apart from stalls selling a range of stuff from camera tripods to electronic gadgets, to curios and much more, the market is lined with loads of little eateries (all of which seem to be very popular with the locals) selling cheap and basic Chinese food.

I picked an eating stop at random and sat opposite a sweet old man who seemed greatly amused (-- hell, he laughed openly!) at my use of chopsticks, and gestured to me to use a spoon to eat my rice. It was obviously far too painful for him to watch me trying and failing with chop sticks. (He did in the end seem quite impressed at my chopstick handling of the Pak Choi though -- or maybe he was just being nice).

Other attractions in the general vicinity include the flower market, bird market, Tin Hau Temple, and the Ladies Market.

I ended up around Temple Street both nights of my stopover. Just round the corner from the night market in the New Kings Hotel on Nathan Road, is Perfect Life, a women only bar with friendly staff and the ever ubiquitous Karaoke. I had a good time chatting to the staff, and drinking way too much beer for someone who claims "I don't drink that much really".

I ended both evenings in OA2, another nice little women's bar on Lockhart Road in the Causeway Bay area. Though there weren't that many customers, again the staff were friendly and the Karaoke was entertaining...

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