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Saltpond Town

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Saltpond Town, Ghana

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We were just on a flying visit to Saltpond arriving late afternoon and leaving early the next day. Despite this I decided that after my obligatory beach stroll I'd venture into town for a change. I hadn't actually really ventured into the bit of Saltpond known as "town" probably since I was a child, and I hardly recognised any of it. Saltpond has definitely grown in size over the years.

Not far from where this picture was taken is a posuban shrine. These "posubans" are only found in the central coastal region of Ghana. Saltpond apparently has three of them but it's a bit of a no no to take pictures or visit without getting permission from the local chief first. There are similar shrines at Mankessim, Anomabu and Elmina -- other towns not far from Saltpond.

The Posubans are beautifully decorated, elaborate, concrete shrines originally used to store the armaments and uniforms of the Asafo companies (military units) that traditionally defend the town.

Although I was unable to take a picture myself, if you really want to see what a posuban looks like, scoot over to www.galenfrysinger.com/posuban_shrines.htm (link opens new browser window).



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