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Oxford Street, Osu, Accra, Ghana

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Many a time on my way to or from Labadi Beach I stopped off for a wander round Osu. The main drag known as Oxford Street is always buzzing with life any time of night or day it seems. There are several supermarkets and other stores catering to ex pats (there was even a store selling Ikea furniture!), nightclubs (including the notorious Macumba club) and "nightspots", chop bars, all manner of fast food, and restaurants for those with a more discerning palate. I'm told this part of town also has the best kelewele (fried plantain cut into small pieces, deep fried with a bit of pepper and ginger and cooked by the roadside ... yummy) -- and I have to say I agree.

As well as all the wonderful food, you'll also find people selling crafts and clothing by the roadside. There are several Forex Bureaux where you can change your cash into the local currency, and Internet Cafés every few yards. The best, fastest and cheapest Internet Café I found was Besnet, just off Oxford Street close to Danquah Circle (turn left at the Koala Supermarket and it's about 50 yards down on your left).

Osu's Oxford Street definitely gives its more famous London namesake a run for its money!


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