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Craftsman working, Arts Centre, Accra, Ghana

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If shopping for arts and crafts is your thing, Accra's arts centre (or to give it it's proper name the National Cultural Centre) is an option. The centre is on the sea front not far from Independence Square on 28th February Road.

It can be a bit overwhelming since as you enter you're highly likely to be descended upon by all manner of crafts people and traders trying to get you to look at their stuff (with a view to buying of course).

Definitely not the place to come if you just want a quiet browse. However, if you enjoy a good haggle, and can remain fairly disciplined in the face of much temptation then you'll surely enjoy the experience.

There's lots of good stuff to buy from batiks to bracelets, carved wooden boxes and figures to carved wooden furniture, masks to musical instruments, clothes, and all manner of stuff from Ghana and other parts of West Africa.

I bought a beautiful wooden box and some bracelets of this guy as he (very persuasively) claimed he remembered me from the previous year and I'd promised to get something off him the next time I was there ...


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