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Shai Hills Wildlife Reserve

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Shai Hills wildlife reserve

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We arrived at the reserve in the late afternoon en route back to Accra from Akosombo Dam. We managed to spot (or rather have pointed out to us by our guide) a couple of Kob Antelope and several baboons. No doubt much of the wildlife was scared away by the sound of our vehicle (a taxi we hired for the day from Accra) bouncing it's way over a narrow, rough, dirt track.

There's a big bat cave that we didn't get to - partly because the state of the track made it difficult to get there but mainly because we unfortunately (or is that fortunately?!) didn't have a torch.

Before it was a reserve, the area was occupied by the Shai people until the late 19th Century. The bat cave was apparently where a Shai chief made his home.

This is yet another place in Ghana I shall be returning to in the hopefully not-too-distant future. Next time I'll arrive early in the morning (well early-ish anyway), and spend the day walking the 17Km circuit and increase my chances of spotting other wildlife on the reserve (such as snakes, monkeys and ... those bats).

We were treated to a beautiful sunset over the grasslands and left wanting a little bit more.

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