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Canopy walkway, Kakum Forest, Ghana

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I'd never visited Kakum forest before but read and seen stuff about the canopy walk over the tree tops. We arrived just after a large party of school children so were initially reasonably pleased that we weren't going to be accompanying them and their guide.

Relief rapidly turned to frustration however as a guide for our party who was due to be arriving "any minute" failed to materialise after we'd been waiting well over an hour.

The waiting wasn't the worst bit - it was the not knowing if / when it was going to happen at all. It seems our request was somewhat unusual. If folk are doing either the canopy walk or the forest hike getting a guide seem not to be a problem. Since I wanted to do both there was a bit of a co-ordination issue.

When another guide did eventually turn up he decided he was off home as he had a painful boil, then changed his mind and decided to go off and have a beer! After getting a bit of a frolicking from the folk at the desk he got his surly self together and eventually cheered up enough for us to get a very good guided tour of the medicinal trees and plants in the forest. By the end of the hike we were all having a pretty good laugh together. Then off I went to do the canopy walk on my own.

The canopy walk is truly stunning (but possibly not if you don't like heights). I for one think it's worth getting over your fears and going for it. You will be rewarded with amazingly beautiful views, and the odd bit of bird and animal life if you're patient and quiet.

So, despite the initial glitch it was definitely worth the wait. I'll definitely be doing it again soon.

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