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Aburi Botanical Gardens

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Royal Palms, Aburi Gardens, Aburi, Ghana

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Aburi Botanical Gardens is about an hours' drive from Accra winding through the Akwapim hills.

We arrived hot, sweaty and thirsty from our journey but that was OK coz we were able to get a beer before being shown around by our guide Cynthia who was very knowledgeable.

Apparently when the British had the gardens planted in the 1860's they chose to plant no local plant species (I think that has changed slightly now as I'm sure Cynthia showed us a few native trees). Pictured above the Royal Palms (from somewhere else).

The gardens are arranged into about 7 lawns with different types of trees and plants - e.g. a palm lawn, spice lawn, fruit lawn etc. Highlights for me were the 150 + year old Kapok tree and this Parasite tree that you can walk right into and poke your head out of.

All in all the gardens are very beautiful. You can even stay in the guesthouse if you want to. Aburi town and the surrounding countryside is also worth taking a look at if you have time. On the way up from Accra, near Aburi there's also lots of craft stalls where you can pur-chase your objet if you feel so inclined. Less hassle than trying to get stuff at many places in Accra.

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