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Ghana 2000

My most recent trip was back to Ghana. Just a quick trip this time but will definitely go for longer than a week next time. The country has really changed since the last time I was there as a young teenager. Lots more traffic, shops, hotels and new technology. Spent most of the time in Accra - lot's of new plush hotels where you can spend the day hanging out by the pool if that's your thing. Busy bustling hot, happening city. This time round I mostly hung out by the beach watching the world go by. Visited the arts / cultural centre and haggled over the price of carvings and gifts.

I also spent quite a bit of time in one or other of Accra's many cybercafes. Apart from anything else it was a good way to escape the searing heat for a bit.

In the evenings it was good to take a stroll with my bro's to one of the local bars or get a taxi to one of the hotels for a snack and a drink or have a game of pool.

My favourite place was Saltpond, a town about 100 miles up the coast from Accra, not far from Cape Coast. The beach there is very peaceful in contrast to Accra beach which can get pretty crowded especially at weekends and holidays.

There are many new things to see that I didn't get round to doing this time - like visiting Kakum National Park not too far from Cape Coast. Another excuse to go back.

For more about Ghana visit
http://www.ghanaweb.com (link opens in new browser window).

In 1999 I had a great time visiting my mate Deb in Australia. I also had the opportunity to spend a few days in New York so the past year has pretty good year as far as holidays go.



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Labadi beach hotel
Labadi beach hotel


Accra beach
Accra beach


 photo fishermen
Saltpond beach

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