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photo Accra beach
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To get a bit of peace and quiet on this beach you need to go way way down towards these rocks. Up by the beach huts everything is buzzing. Music blaring out from the many bars - highlife, reggae. Very nice if you just want to sit and chill and listen to music or if you wanna party party party. If you don't want to be pestered by the many people plying their trade along the beach though, up by the huts is not a great place to be.


photo Accra Beach bars
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Accra Beach was the venue for the most bizarre massage I've had in my life (and I do like a good massage now and again). In contrast to the surroundings the massage was far from relaxing. The masseuse had extremely long fingernails, very rough hands and appeared to be making the whole thing up as she went along. The only relaxing thing about it was when it came to an end... still perhaps that was the idea! It gave me 15 mins of amusement though - I couldn't quite believe how bad it was. Gave my brothers a laugh too when I told them.


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