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Mount Warning

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photo Mount Warning
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Wollumbin is the Koori (Aboriginal) name for Mount Warning. To the Bundjalung people of this area of New South Wales, Wollumbin is an important sacred site. The name apparently means "sleeping weatherman". In the "dreamtime" Wollumbin was the warrior chief of the mountain. The spirits of the mountain were warriors. The scars on the side of the mountain are said to be battle scars, thunder and lightning the effects of battles.

Captain Cook named Wollumbin Mount Warning to warn other sailors of the treacherous coastline. Wollumbin is easily seen from Byron Bay.

The whole area is surrounded by beautiful country side and rain forests - Border Ranges, Night Cap, Mount Warning and Bundjalung National Parks and Nature reserves. Take a long scenic drive, get out and do a little or long walk, camp - whatever. It's all pretty impressive. Delve around and you'll find beautiful waterfalls, stunning views and loads of wildlife. For more info about these National parks visit http://tropicalnsw.com.au (link opens in new browser window).