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photo Kata Tjuta
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Kata Tjuta is the Anangu name for The Olgas. Kata Tjuta means "the place of many heads" which refers to the many domes in this group of rocks. There are many stories from the dreamtime (Tjukurpa) associated with different features of these rocks which are believed to have been created by many different mythical beings. A rock pillar on the eastern side, with a smaller rock leaning against it, is the body of Malu the kangaroo man who is set into stone as he dies in the arms of of his sister the lizard woman, Mulumura. Malu was killed at this spot by a pack of dingoes after returning from his long travels to the west. His wound appears as an erosion in the rock. His intestines spilled out and appear as a mound at the base of the rock.
At Olga Gorge between Mount Olga and Mount Walpa a wind blows constantly. This is the breath of the mythical snake Wanambi. Lighting of fires or drinking from the waterhole in this area is forbidden, or Wanambi will rise into the air in the form of a rainbow, and kill any intruder by taking his spirit from him.

Uluru the Anangu name for Ayers Rock is about 45 km away. Coach loads of tourists
(- myself included) poured out to watch the spectacular sunset over this magnificent rock. Uluru literally changes colour before your eyes. It's amazing and apparently caused by the cloud cover and atmospheric conditions. Sunrise over Uluru the next day was well worth the extremely early start (I'm not a normally a morning person). A visit to the cultural centre is a must. Climbing the rock a no no.

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