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Border Ranges National Park, NSW, Australia
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Above picture shows view of part of Border Ranges National Park in the background from close to where I was staying. Beautiful as the view was from the house, on one of our more sober days we decided to check it out more closely.

Border Ranges National Park is a beautiful World Heritage site with mountains that form the rim of a large, old volcano, covered in lush rainforest. The park has fantastic views and scenic drives and there are plenty of opportunities for walking, picnics, camping etc.

The drive through was great fun from the back of a ute, ducking the hanging vines and hanging on for dear life so we didn't fall out of the truck. There are several viewing points including Pinnacle Lookout and Blackbutts picnic area from which to check out the stunning surrounding landscape.

Check out www.tropicalnsw.com.au/nationalparks/border.html (link opens in new browser window) for more info.

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