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Coffeeshop, Amsterdam

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I know the good people of Amsterdam probably get fed up with seeing tourists - there for only one reason, weaving through their wonderful city in an altered state of consciousness.

But coffeshops are such a fantastically sensible concept they're sort of irresistible to folk like me. And we were very well behaved and did check out some of the other wonderful stuff the city has to offer, honest. Food outlets of every kind probably do very well out of the existence of coffeeshops too.

Above, our favourite coffeeshop, The Otherside, (at Reguliersdwarsstraat 6) near our hotel, and visited at least once a day for the duration of our stay. Another firm favourite was Coffeeshop Rusland (at Rusland 16) for its ambiance and selection of teas (I can heartily recommend the Ginger tea). Also worth a mention coffeeshop De Tweed Kamer (at Heisteeg 6) and coffeeshop Relax in the Jordaan district (Binnen Oranjestraat).

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