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Nemo Museum, Amsterdam

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Ok so this isn't actually a canal bus, it's one of the views you get on one of the canal bus routes - there are three, red, yellow and green.

It can be very confusing as you start off on what you think is say the red line, get to the end of it, and without any warning (that I could discern anyway) red transmogrifies into green and you're headed somewhere you weren't expecting. Pleasant way to while away a few hours but as a mode of getting round the city pretty sloooooowwwwwwwwww. In my humble opinion, better to to just take a one hour trip on one of the themed tourist boats and get round the city on foot, bike or tram.

Pictured above is NEMO, a science centre housing lots of regularly changing exhibitions and experiments. If you want to get to it on terra firma it's a fairly short stroll from Amsterdam's Centraalstation.

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