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De Keukevan 1870

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De keuken van 1870

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This place was recommended to me by my boss - so what could I do, I had to go, I was gonna be tested later!

If you like your food bland and your vegetables unrecognizable pulp, this former soup kitchen serving traditional Dutch food is the place to come. If however you are a vegetarian, like your food to be exciting and tasty, perhaps it's best to give the place a miss, or choose your meal a bit more wisely than I did ...
On the plus side the staff were friendly / helpful, the building is quaint and I imagine on a cold, wet, miserable day the food is very comforting. It's also very near the Central Station end of Spuistraat. If you arrive feeling famished and want to eat something at rock bottom prices before you go exploring this part of town, then this eaterie is an option.

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