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Amsterdam - city of bikes and trams and the need to keep your wits about you at all times in order to avoid being hit by one or other of them. Amsterdam really is a beautiful city, ringed by canals laid down in the 17th century. I love going there. So far after 5 visits I've still not managed to take in any of the many museums but I have it on good authority that they are all worth a visit.

On this trip the main focus seems to have been around food. Wandering around town, taking in one or other of the many coffeeshops (well we had to keep out of the rain somehow) then planning the next eating stop. Discovered many good places to eat (and some not so good). Highlights included bagels for breakfast at Gary's Muffins on Marnixstraat in the Jordaan area, and the cheap and cheerful Thaise Snackbar Bird serving tasty Thai food on Zeedijk at the edge of China Town and the red light district.

Barney's Breakfast Bar on Haarlemmerstraat is an interesting concept - if you fancy it, you can have a spliff with your brekky - only problem is, the staff are a bit too stoned to give you the prompt attention you need when you're famished ...

We also managed the statutory canal boat trip, and caught a rare bit of sunshine in Vondel Park.

At the Paradiso on Weteringschans near Leidseplein, we were lucky enough to catch a really excellent reggae band called Israel Vibration, playing as part of the reggae festival that happened to be on at the time. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me at the time. I debated whether or not to take it and decided not to - turned out to be a mistake. To see pictures and read articles about the band go to: www.shoestop.com/skankproductions/articleiv.htm (link opens in new browser window)

A great band, definitely worth checking out (visit www.reggaesource.com to sample tracks from the bands album "pay the piper" - you'll need to have RealPlayer installed to listen - link opens in new browser window).

For more information on Amsterdam visit:

www.underwateramsterdam.com/ (link opens in new browser window)

http://travel/roughguides.com/ (link opens in new browser window)

www.visitamsterdam.nl/ (link opens in new browser window)

www.cwi.nl/~steven/amsterdam.html (link opens in new browser window)



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De Keuken van 1870
De Keuken van 1870


Magna Plaza
Magna Plaza


canal side
Canal side


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Building De Keuken Van 1870 - Amsterdam Magna Plaza - Amsterdam