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10 Meals .... continued

6. Pasta

Another stalwart. Boil up your favourite pasta, drain off water when cooked, sling in a bit of butter or grated cheese and swish it around a bit. To make yourself feel like you're eating a bit more healthily chuck in some frozen veg with the pasta about 3 mins before it's cooked. Alternatively, garnish with some of that left over salad in a bag. For a bit of variation add one of those nice pasta sauces you can get out of a jar. To save on the washing up don't bother heating it in a separate pan.



7. Beer

This one comes from Hardeep, an old work colleague. He recommends it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a snack because it's "labour unintensive" (not sure if I condone this kind of behaviour though he seems to do perfectly well on it). On the whole I'd say nutritional value is limited but if you must ...



8. Scrambled eggs ...

"... on toasted granary topped with loads of cheesy baked beans, and a good helping of black pepper. For when u really can't be arsed to do it !!"
Thanks to Paul, a cooking-averse website visitor from Sussex for this one - suggested for breakfast, dinner, lunch or a snack.
I won't be indulging myself coz due to a preeetty severe allergy the only eggs I can stand are chocolate ones! I have been known to consume the odd baked bean though (not with the chocolate egg obviously - that would be just too gross), perhaps I could just omit the egg bit...






Yuk! I can hardly bear to look - chocolate eggs are more my scene





Er..... Actually I've completely run out of ideas now ... Any suggestions? Email me at: aba@abasplace.com



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