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Aba's gut buster breakfast (continued)

The hot bit
Preheat oven (gas mark 7) and grill.
Peel the plantain and slice it length ways down the middle.
Cut into 3 inch pieces (about one plantain between 2 people).
Cut the cheese into 1/4 inch thick slices.
Slice up the mushrooms (don't forget to wash them) and sling them in a pan with a generous lump of butter and loadsa black pepper.
Put the tinned tomatoes in a (different) pan, add jerk seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, mild Tabasco sauce to taste, swish it all around.

Right that's the preparation bit done.

Now for the juggling bit:

Get the waffles out of the freezer and stick them in the preheated oven to cook for 15-20 mins (7-10 mins each side). If you're having sausages, now is a good time to sling them in the oven too.

While the oven bit is happening, heat some cooking oil in a pan and shallow fry the plantain until golden brown (about 5 mins each side). Drain and blot off excess oil on kitchen roll or similar.

While the plantain thing is happening put the mushrooms and tomatoes on a low heat and stir about now and again.
If you're having Cappuccino brew the coffee now.

Now the plantain's cooked and the mushrooms and tomatoes are bubbling away nicely, wack the cheese under a really hot grill and "cook" until golden brown. Take care not to overcook the cheese or it goes all hard and 'orrible. Should be no more than a couple of minutes each side.

If you've got a cappuccino machine and you're having cappuccino, you're laughing. If not heat up some milk and use one of those smashing milk frother things. If you ain't got one of those, whisk up some milk in a pan.
Pour the coffee out into mugs and add the milk and froth.
Sprinkle on some chocolate powder.

Hopefully everything is now cooked to perfection. Get the waffles (and sausages) out of the oven and place them delicately onto plate(s) together with the cheese, mushrooms and plantain. If you don't like your waffles soggy, carefully spoon the tomatoes onto the plate using the plantains and/or sausages to form a protective barrier against waffle soak.

The perfect breakfast to set you up before going on a nice long walk. Enjoy ....


For the fruit salad
Fruit of your choice.
Roasted flaked almonds
Greek yogurt

For the hot bit
Potato waffles
Tinned tomatoes
Sausages (optional)
Halloumi/Hellim (Cypriot cheese)
Ripe Plantains
Jerk seasoning
Worcestershire sauce
Mild Tabasco sauce
Bread (optional)

To drink
Fruit juice of your choice
Cappuccino or tea



The finished product :

photo breakfast


photo breakfast



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