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Aba's gut buster breakfast

What I like most about cooking breakfast is juggling the timings for all the different things to be cooked, with the end result hopefully being that everything comes out ready at more or less the same time. A regular feature of weekend breakfasts in my gaff is the shrilling of smoke alarms and the "breakfast time wave". This is similar to the Mexican wave but usually only involves one person (my breakfast guest) standing under the offending smoke alarm waving a tea towel about frantically 'til the noise stops (helps them work up an appetite for brekky).
So far things not sounding too good eh? However I am assured by those who have sampled this culinary delight that it is indeed a "bloody gorgeous breakfast Abs"

Fruit Salad
Get your fruit, chop it up, sling it all in a bowl, swish it around a bit, serve with a generous dollop of Greek yogurt, a drizzle of honey and a sprinkling of roasted flaked almonds - yum.

Eat the fruit salad now before making the next bit, or eat it after cooking the next bit, or after eating the next bit - it's up to you ...


For the fruit salad
Fruit of your choice.
Roasted flaked almonds
Greek yogurt

Breakfast ingredients
from this

fruit salad
to this

For the hot bit
Potato waffles
Tinned tomatoes
Sausages (optional)
Halloumi/Hellim (Cypriot cheese)
Ripe Plantains
Jerk seasoning
Worcestershire sauce
Mild Tabasco sauce
Bread (optional)

To drink
Fruit juice of your choice
Cappuccino or tea

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