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Book Reviews 2

The Bone People by Kerry Hulme, Publisher: Penguin

Thanks to my mate Hev for putting me onto this book. Once I started reading it I found loads of other people who'd read it "ages ago" (i.e. in the mid 80's when it was first published) and thought it was wonderful. I have to say this is probably one of those books I'll read more than once.

At first I found Keri Hulme's writing style a bit difficult but I soon got used to it. Even though the story is pretty harrowing in places it is also really beautiful.
Set in New Zealand The Bone People tells the story of Simon, a Maori child, his relationship with his violent Maori Foster father, and the "unusual" Kerewin, a mystical Maori woman who up until she was befriended by Simon, lived a solitary existence on the edge of town.
The three become involved in a complex relationship with each other that despite the ever present violence is extremely touching.

I'm really glad to have come across this one - brilliant, couldn't put it down.


book cover - The Bone People

What A Carve Up by Jonathan Coe, Publisher: Penguin

The first book I read by this guy was "The House Of Sleep" and I thought that was pretty clever (also worth a read).

What a carve up is clever and funny. You have to keep your concentration to keep up with all the characters and how all their lives intertwine in the end.

The book tells the story of the Winshaws, a wealthy upper class English family who between them seem to have "carved up" England amongst themselves (financially speaking), exploiting anyone and everyone who is unfortunate enough to come across them. Is Karma a wonderful thing? Do the bad guys get their comeuppance?...
Check out this very amusing book to find out.


book cover - What A Carve Up

Life Isn't all Ha Ha Hee Hee by Meera Syal,
Publisher: Anchor

Set in London, this book tells the story of the lives, loves, friendship and aspirations of three "modern", 30-something Asian women who've known each other since school.
An astute, sensitive observation of some of the complexities of life for Asian / British women.
Witty, sad, real, thoroughly enjoyable - another winner from Meera Syal.

Anita and Me is the first book I enjoyed by this Author.


book cover - Life isn't all ha ha hee hee

Needlepoint by Jenny Roberts, Publisher: Diva Books

A one time favourite genre of mine, this crime thriller is set in Amsterdam. Cameron sets of to investigate the death of her sister under very mysterious circumstances. The police refuse to see it as anything other than an accidental drugs overdose. Cameron knows otherwise and since she can't persuade the police to reopen the case, does a bit of investigating of her own, ...
An enjoyable, easy read.

book cover - Needle point

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